It was sailors who brought the first casks of rum back to Flensburg in the mid-18th century. Back then, Flensburg was still a part of Denmark, meaning ships were only allowed bring in goods from Danish colonies.

As a result, rum struggled to gain popularity. However, that all changed in 1767. Poor harvests for grain cultivators and wine makers saw the demand for rum explode – and the spirit became ever more popular. H.C. Asmussen must have also spotted the good business opportunity when he established his “distillation business with wine shop” in 1860. The traditional company, which has also since operated branches in Hamburg and Bargteheide, used this as the foundation for the “fine old Asmussen” that is still successful today.


Today, there are three variations of Asmussen in both restaurant bars and household drinks cabinets. Its diversity and unique taste make it a popular fixture in bars and kitchens. A variety of promotions regularly generate extra attention. Examples of these include contests with Rumtopf and grog sets, in-store tastings as well as delicious recipe ideas for hot drinks and tasty treats.


Whichever sort you go for, one thing is always the same – the little mermaid on the label. Well spotted, she actually shows up twice! You can see her once on the label on the neck of the bottle, but you can only see her the second time once the bottle has been emptied a little. Then you can look through the bottle and see she’s also on the label on the back of the bottle! A double-printed label - an eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word.

Why did the mermaid make her home there?
Nobody knows for sure. Maybe a nod to the sailors who appreciated the rum all that time ago? Perhaps she is meant to bring good luck not just as a figurehead but also on the bottle label? Or maybe someone even saw a mermaid when the daily rum ration was particularly generous. But who really wants to know? It’s this sort of little mystery that makes our Asmussen just that bit more interesting. You think you’ve solved the mystery?



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